▶️ Rewatch the webinar: How to improve your lead capture forms 📨

▶️ Rewatch the webinar: How to improve your lead capture forms 📨
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Howdy all,


Hope all's well with you. I'm still buzzing after yesterday's webinar on "How to improve your lead capture forms", Part Three of our Lead Generation Essentials webinar series. 


Typeform's @chriscooning  and @PolBorrellas  were joined by Professor of Social Interaction, Liz Stokoe and Typeform Community luminary @john.desborough  to discuss the science of creating great lead capture experiences.

Check out the full recording below and grab a copy of the slide deck here. Scroll down for further info and links to all the various resources the team mentioned (and more!)




What did we learn?


Here's a recap of some of the golden nuggets we learned from our experts:

  • 7 research-based tips for improving lead capture form completions

  • The psychology of asking for personal information 

  • How to design your online interactions in a way that builds trust

  • Handy tools and resources to optimize your lead capture forms for higher completions

  • How to use lead generation quizzes to improve conversions and qualify prospects

  • Examples of high performing lead capture forms in the wild

  • Viewer's lead capture questions answered


Related resources

Eager to discover more about the art of capturing leads? Here's a list of the resources and tools mentioned in the webinar – along with some extra goodies you might find useful:

Rewatch Lead Generation Essentials #1
Rewatch Lead Generation Essentials #2
Research-driven tips to power up your lead capture forms
How to use Hidden Fields
How to recall variables

Guide to using logic
How to write great questions for your typeforms
It's interpersonal: Personas and live segmentation in customer service conversation
The softness of hard data
The secret to better answers? Better questions
Watch: How to ask questions you're not entitled to ask
You are the questions you ask: A professor's guide to interacting online
Install Typeform's lead capture form template
Understand your question-by-question insights
Understand your big picture results insights
Beardbrand's quiz: What type of Beardsman are you?
How a personality quiz is growing a beard brand
Nexford University's quiz: What kind of university are you looking for?
Baked In's quiz: Find out which royal you are
How to create a personality quiz
How to make an outcome quiz
Install Typeform's personality quiz template
Partly's demo request form
Tate Law's schedule a call solution
Commas' call request videoask (click on "Let's talk")
How to capture and qualify leads with VideoAsk
ONBRDING's workshop booking form
Example of Typeform webinar registration form
Collect and Qualify Leads Masterclass
Pass information from one typeform to another
VideoAsk integrations

More to come soon 🤗


Thanks so much to everyone who attended yesterday, it's always fun getting together with you all and discussing these topics. And thanks of course to our wonderful presenters and guests – we are truly grateful to you for sharing your wisdom!

Sadly the team didn't have time to get through all the great questions you asked in the live session. The good news is they came back afterwards to tackle the unanswered questions, which we’ve included in this post:


News of the next webinar in this series will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to keep the conversation going in the comments below!

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Yaaaay, very excited for this one!! Thanks for sharing, @James😍

Tagging some folks that might be interested to attend it: @Darnell @talon256 @ActionJackson @the conservative @Paulo @atxer @kylefuller @Olgasolo @AdrianEGraphene @ajosecorrea @Tomas @Andrew 

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Yes, already signed up and looking forward to it! @Gabi Amaral 

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Hey All,

I never received a confirmation.  Is there a link for this or will it be available here?


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@TiffanyM here’s the link: https://typeform.zoom.us/w/97800086018?tk=60QEoIVV62iaH4N0Q7D76U9QqFQdUhItex_Zx2fbQgc.DQMAAAAWxVbiAhZ3RF9neGxpS1JpR1RWNWU4Uk1TVjRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&uuid=WN_rXO-Tnk7TxCJVJGntL0YBQ

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Thank you so much, Darnell!


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Thanks for sharing @Darnell and yes @TiffanyM  I’ll stick the recording, the deck and all the relevant links up here in this post tomorrow. Thanks both for your interest 😃 

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The recording of the webinar and the slide deck are now available on this post! Enjoy! 😉

@Darnell @TiffanyM @ActionJackson @the conservative @vickioneill @Paulo @belinda_long @talon256 @kylefuller @Olgasolo @atxer @Michaela @ValdemarQ @YGB 


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Hey @krad and @cardoso81priscila! Welcome to our Community! Were you able to watch the webinar?

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webinar interesting)

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Pssst. If anyone is interested in hearing an abridged summary of the webinar, check this out:


This amazing summary was actually auto-generated by uploading it to Relayed (I recommend joining the waitlist!)