How can I delete or rename an empty workspace?

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I created a particular workspace to experiment with Typeform when I was new to it. It has a silly name. Since then created some more ‘serious’ workspaces which I use for my job. I deleted the experimental typeforms in the ‘silly’ workspace, but it's still sitting there and right now I'd like very much to either delete this  workspace, or rename it, but I don't know how.


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@Comm-Direkt - welcome to the community.

this is from a user 


if you click the three dots below the name of the workspace you have a choice to delete it

if you open your workspace up, at the top you will see the name, simply click on the field and edit it.. see the image below


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Perfectly answered, thank you very much!


Hi. When I click on the 3 dots, there is an option, where I can delete my workspace, but in the window that opens up, the option for deleting it, is all grey, and I can seem to delete it. 

Can someone please help? 


Thx. Enel 

When I click the three dots, delete is not an option. Help por favor? I want to delete this workspace as I no longer use it.

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Hi @jessiefeliz If you’re not the owner or admin of the workspace, you won’t have the option to delete the workspace. 

I am having the same conundrum. I am the owner of the typeform and all I can see is Rename and Leave...Anyone solve this yet? 


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Hi @vintagetrailerworks You will need to be the admin of an organization in order to delete forms or workspaces. 

Thanks @Liz  I am the only owner/admin….since 2020.



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Hi @vintagetrailerworks are you the owner of that workspace? If not, only the owner of that workspace can delete it. 

@Liz  - If you see my above message, with a screenshot, you will see that I am the ONLY OWNER of the account. Clearly, that has been established so not sure how else to go about it. I’ll just reach out to support. 

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Hm, I would definitely suggest reaching out to our support team here to see if there’s anything that might be preventing you from deleting that workspace, @vintagetrailerworks 

Thanks @Liz