Accessing to a previous form to modify it

  • 24 February 2021
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I would like to be able to access again the form to modify my previous answers. Explain myself: I use the form to make and assesstment ex-ante and ex-post and would like to provide the client with a link to his ex-ante answers to allow him to modify it the answers if appropiate. Would be possible to generate a URL to the specific Form ussing the ID? any other way to solve it?

1 reply

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Hey @Frajgil. Welcome to the Typeform Community! 🤩


Once a typeform has been submitted by a respondent, it's not possible for them to amend the answers themselves. To do this, they would need to complete the assessment a second time with the updated information and once they do, you can remove the original response :)

Another option would be to export your results from your Results panel > Responses. Once in a third party application like Excel or Google Sheets you can certainly modify the user's responses.


I hope this helps!