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  • 1 November 2021
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Hello, is it possible to make settings to sent the results oof a selfassesment form to the customer direct by email. I want to make a set op diffrent forms as a tool in my online course for personal development. So it should be possible to send one customer the results of more than one form. The sollution i found wat in notification settings. But this is not working (all Anwsers dont apear in the email). Or is my rerquirement only possible if i connect my MailChimp account? and then how do i cutomise a result email


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Hi @BastianRoze Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by the community. If you select the option shown below: 


This will add all of the answers the respondent has provided for only that form they have just submitted. If that’s not working for you, have you published the changes on your form? 


As for sending the answers to all the forms they have submitted, I can’t think of an easy workaround offhand, but @picsoung might have a tech-y solution for you that I’m forgetting!