Can you answer my typeform?

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Hi, if you guys don't mind can you answer a poll that I made. I'm using it for school. 

Here is the link: 

I would really appreciate the help. Thank you. 

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Hey @Harvey Welcome to the community. Cool poll :guitar:  Just filled in my answers.

The quiz is nice and simple but some of the questions were hard to answer haha. The Beatles have sooo many great albums and songs and my favourite one changes a lot depending on my mood. They definitely have a song for every mood.

Good luck with it, come back and let us know the results of your poll once you’re done :grinning:

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@Harvey @James - you say you want a (Typeform) revolution… 


lol - done



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Thank you @James for answering the poll and the feedback as well, I appreciate it. As for the result of the poll, I'll try to keep the poll going for a while to get as much answers possible, so that will probably take some time :sweat_smile:. Thank you @john.desborough for taking your time and answering the my poll.