change back URL Of Typeform to original

  • 23 June 2022
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I accidentally changed by type form url from the default one to the Standard url which included the word form on it. 

However, I need to change it back to the original as this link is on multiple social media sites as well as my website and I cannot change it. 

Please help!!!



Best answer by Liz 27 June 2022, 15:14

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5 replies

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Hi @BackBone Do you have a plan that supports a custom URL? If so, you should be able to follow the steps here to revert your typeform subdomain to the one you had previously. 

The link isn’t working Liz!

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Hm, I’m able to access the link, @BackBone . Can you give it a try again? 

I’m on a basic plan. When I went to settings, I was just browsing the edit url features and there is one that says ‘Standard’ where you can choose from 4 default options. It didn’t ask me to confirm anything but once I selected form the url changed and now I need to change it back 

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Got it, thanks @BackBone ! This is expected behavior on the Basic plan. You’ll need the Plus plan in order to have a custom subdomain. You can read more about our plans and pricing here