Email reminder to responders to encourage completion of Typeform?

  • 18 May 2021
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I’m new to Typeform so still learning a lot!  I’ve created a Typeform to send to a specific group of people to get feedback during a training programme.  Is there a way to set up an email reminder option within Typeform so it can send an email to nudge people to reply within a certain time frame?




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Hi @PippaH thanks for joining the community! We don’t currently have a solution for this inside of Typeform, but are you sending the form through an email service provider, such as Mailchimp? I think I may have an idea for a workaround on this. Thanks in advance! :grinning:

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@PippaH - this is from another user

I had to send reminders to a bunch of folks to complete a typeform for me before the Annual General Meeting of an association. 

I had sent out an email to the distribution list via gmail with the link to the typeform in it. so i simply immediately created two reminder emails to be sent out on specific dates - ie the same basic content in the email body with the exception of saying thanks to all who had already completed the survey but could the rest of you get off your duffs and click the link… easy enough to do to send the reminder, even if not using Mailchimp or another CRM/mailer

(easy to schedule in gmail, outlook etc.)  

@Liz - just another thought, jic


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Hi @PippaH Were you able to find a solution that worked for you? :grin:



I have a list with e-mail adresses I would like for distributing my form. But I also would like to be able to track who has responded to my survey as well as remind the ones who has not. 

I have done this in other tools earlier, but cant find a way to do this in typeform. 

Any ideas?




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Hi @eliasa thanks for your post! I added it here where we have some solutions for you. Let us know if you think of any other questions! :grin:

Hello !

I made a lead magnet on Typeform that I will send by email.


i have a question :

Which tool do you recommend to automate the sending and following of emails  + to automatically remind people who have NOT yet reply to the Typeform ?


Thank you !




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Hi @alainmillares thanks for popping by the community! I added your post here so you can see some solutions for your question. :grin: