HELP NEEDED! Quiz won't load properly in Europe

  • 11 June 2021
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Hello -

I’ve published my survey and sent it out globally but people receiving it in Europe (London, Dublin, France and Italy) are not able to complete it. It brings them to the attached page and asks them to create an account, once they do and are logged in and try to open the survey again it does the same thing. 

Any solutions? Need this resolved asap.


What people in Europe are seeing upon clicking the link - they create an account and still can’t access


2 replies

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@stephanie - this is from another user


would you be able to share the link to your survey here? I am located in Canada but several of the typeform support folks in the forum are located in Spain and might be able replicate/test the link to see. 



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Hey @stephanie , Did you find out what the issue is? This sounds odd indeed, happy to assist here in the community. 

Have a fab day.