"hide launch button" missing (when selecting "pop-up" mode)

  • 17 September 2021
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Hi all,


i have a question concerning the embedding mode and visibility of launch buttons.

I want to embed my survey as pop-up window at our page. I don’t want to use a launch button, but show the survey by pageload WITHOUT any launch button.

However the option “show launch button ON/OFF” is not visible anymore in my typeform template when choosing “pop-up” as embedding mode. 

Is there any possibility to hide the launch button in pop-up windows? 


Thank’s a lot ;)


Here is a picture of the desired option which is not displayed anymore when selecting “pop-up” as embedding mode.



When choosing “pop-up” mode it looks like this (iin the past there was an option to hide launch button as far as I remember…


4 replies

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Hey @Rapunzel! Welcome to the Typeform Community! :blue_heart:

Thank you for your question, as I'm not entirely sure how to answer your question, I'm mentioning my friend @mathio that might be able to help.

I'm also in contact with our technical team to understand the issue. I'll keep you posted, ok?

Wishing you a great weekend! :blush:

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Hello again @Rapunzel:wave_tone2:

I've checked with our technical team and they confirmed this is not the expected behavior. I've created a support ticket under your name and they should get in touch with you as soon as possible to solve this. 

I'll be following the conversation as well so I'll keep you posted over here as soon as this is fixed. 

Thank you and have a great day!

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hi @Rapunzel did you hear back from our support team? :grinning:

No, nothing so far. I also couldn’t find any changes within typeform.