I'm getting the "Your typeform uses one or more features not available in your plan" but it doesn't tell me what feature that is, so I can't rectify it

  • 27 August 2022
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I’ve been a paying USD 50 a month customer for years on the Plus plan but I’ve just downgraded to the basic plan and now two of my Typeforms have gone offline and I can’t figure out how to get them back online.

The issue seems to be that I used to have a redirect on Thank you page feature that’s not part of the Basic Plan. No worries, I’ve removed this, or at least I think I have! The feature has been moved recently it seems so perhaps the system is not recognising that I’ve removed it now.

When I go to publish the type forms I’m getting an "Your typeform uses one or more features not available in your plan" message that prevents me from publishing it. 

This message is not informative and doesn’t tell me what I need to do to enable me to publish the type forms. Therefore, I’m stuck and can’t see how to resolve it.

There are no article that I can see in the Help centre that address this issue either.

So despite paying Typeform thousands of dollars over the years I can’t talk to anyone about this very basic request as there’s no help provided and instead I’m stuck posting here into the a customer community - where we do the company’s support job for them - to try and get an answer.


Any help would be appreciated - especially from Typeform’s support team! Cheers!  


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Hi @MacG Thanks for stopping by the community. Could you share the message you’re receiving? Most of the time, the message will include what features you need to remove. 

If not, here are some common features added to forms that you may want to look at, and you can also reference the available features in each plan here

  • Custom subdomain
  • Custom meta description
  • Redirect on completion
  • Adding your logo

Let us know if any of these apply to the form you’re trying to publish. 

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@MacG - you can reach the Typeform support team through this link 

Thanks for the response @Liz , this is the message I’m getting


I don’t know how to check if I’m trying to use any of the common issues you mention, 

  • Custom subdomain
  • Custom meta description
  • Redirect on completion - I’ve deliberately removed this item 
  • Adding your logo

Though I don’t think that I am and again, I can’t figure out what’s going on. I don’t have hours to spend trying to troubleshoot every little thing that could so it would be really great to get help to resolve it.

Why can’t Typeform just auto remove any items not available in the Plus plan from all applicable forms and just state what it is they’ve removed so that I know and can then publish? 

Also, @john.desborough for the link. I’ve submitted a support request via that. Let’s see how long I’ve to wait.

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Hi @MacG Ah, thank you. Usually that message is more specific, and I’ll share this feedback with product. In the meantime, I’ve included the articles below that explain the features and where to find them: