iOS17 Link Tracking Protection

  • 28 September 2023
  • 3 replies

With the release of iOS17 has anyone else noted an uptick in URL parameters being stripped from survey links you send customers?

We noted more respondents trying to fill out surveys with null values in the variables - I think it is due to iOS17 Link Tacking Protection but haven’t been able to actually replicate it on my end. 

Is anyone else noting this?

3 replies

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Hi @LorneH That’s a really great question! I still need to look into the details of link tracking protection. 

@mathio or @picsoung have either of you heard anything about this? 

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Hello @LorneH 

this is the first time I am hearing about this. Does this apply to specific query parameters? Or does it affect all of them? Does it also affect hidden fields?

This is more of a question on may part to ask if anyone else noted a dropoff in typeform submissions that had the variables as a URL parameter 

We send this type of URL but the email and id values (as hidden fields) aren’t always showing up in the typeform results

I don’t have an iOS17 device to test with and co-workers that I’ve asked for help haven’t been able to replicate it so it may not be an issue and just coincidence that we saw an uptick in these blank results. My post on the community forum is to see if there are other customers with the same experience.