Long question keeps bouncing

  • 29 February 2024
  • 3 replies

I have an embeded form on my site. This specifik question keeps boucing, because (i think) it's too long. Although, I have another question (contact info) which is even longer, this one is working perfectly fine. 

The height is set to auto. Tried 100%, but that made caused most questions to scroll, which it didnt on auto. So I don't prefer that option. 

Here is a video where u can see its bouncing on one question but not on te question after, which is even longer in height. Project — Kapwing

3 replies

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Hi @Fikri38 Thanks for stopping by the community! Could you share the URL where you have the form embedded? Thanks in advance!

Hello Liz, thanks for your reply.

The page is actually not public yet, so it's locked behind a password. I've send you a message with the url and password. 

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Thanks for the URL, @Fikri38 ! I wasn’t able to find a Typeform on that page - do you mind sharing specifically where the form is located?