Meta Image Preview Not showing when sharing link in Whatsapp messenger

  • 10 April 2022
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I’m on a PLUS plan. What could possibly be the reason why the meta image is not being previewed when the link is being shared, particularly in messenger platforms like whatsapp?

Thanks for the response.


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8 replies

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Hi @kristinehao08 Thanks for stopping by the community. Have you first updated the meta information using the steps here

If so, it can take some time for messaging apps to note the meta information. You can also refresh the information by using the debugger tool here

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Hello @kristinehao08! Were you able to update the meta information? Don't forget to let us know if you could solve this issue! Hoping you did! 


Despite multiple attempts, the thumbnail image of the questionnaire does not display on Whatsapp. 
On Facebook and Linkedin, it works without problem. 

Do you know why Whatsapp does not display the image? 

Thanks for your help. 

Have a nice day

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Hi @ZGA Whatsapp doesn’t have a specific debugger tool like Facebook does, but I would first try the Facebook one. If that doesn’t work, possibly this solution may. 

Hi @Liz. Many thanks. I will try give it a try. 

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Let us know how it goes, @ZGA !

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Sending the form on WhatsApp, sometimes it shoes the form name (like I wish it to do), but sometimes it doesn’t and instead it shows my username and no “black” Typeform preview, sometimes it shows an old name of the form, that I’ve already changed and I don’t want to be seen!!!!


I really want and need unity and proffessionality in this thing, I can’t have each link look different… What do I do?


P.S. - I have a feeling that the link I copy from the “Share” section and the link I copy from the “Publish” section don’t look the same on the preview. But sometimes the very same link looks different on whatsapp… What do I do?…. 


I attach a screenshot here 


Thank you!!! :)



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Hi @Leora I’ve added your post here where we have an existing discussion about this. 😀