Pop up doesn't respond on mobile

  • 29 November 2021
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I have installed the pop up here to test it. It works well on desktop, but not on mobile.

From my mobile, an updated Android, nothing happens when I click on an answer, the form doesn’t move to the next step.

Here is the code :

<div data-tf-popover="fSAPYiON" data-tf-custom-icon="" data-tf-open="time" data-tf-open-value="3000" data-tf-auto-close data-tf-button-color="#FED700" data-tf-button-text="Launch me" style="all:unset;"></div><script src="//"></script>

Can any one try on mobile and let me know what is wrong ?


Thanks in advanced.


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3 replies

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Bonjour @FPBB ! Welcome to the community. I gave the page a test on my iPhone, which worked for me. 

Which Android device and browser are you testing on? I can then give it a test there as well. 

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Hello @Liz, I have tried again and it’s now working fine on a chrome private browser. I guess the server had to cache the popup or something like this. Thansk for assisting :beers: .

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Yay! Glad to hear it’s working, @FPBB . Let us know if we can help with anything else!