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  • 23 May 2022
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Is it possible to customize the color of the QR code? The typeform’s QR code is just black and white. 

I don’t see any options on customization. How can i change the color and the shape of the QR code when creating a “typefrom”? 

Thanks in advance.   


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Hi @ArturFI Happy Monday! It isn’t possible to change the color of the QR code, but you could use an outside service to create one instead for your form. 

@john.desborough am I remembering this correctly or did you use another service for a QR code once? 

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@Liz - within Document Studio, inside Google Sheets, you can create the QR code from the data you want to include - it works like a typical google sheet function and creates a link to the actual image file. 

you can then use the image() function to display the image inside Google Sheets or simply just use the {{fieldname}} marker in your merge document or email … 

to create colour versions, BUT NOT DYNAMICALLY at this point, i have found that you can use the free tool at this link to create qr codes and turn them into different colours.. 

i have not explored that site to see if there is an API that someone could call and do it on the fly - but that isn’t part of my jam… 

this is the link i used to get started on all of this two years (has it really been that lon??) ago…

cc @ArturFI 


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Oh! Thank you, @john.desborough !

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I have used in the past to create quickly some QR codes and personalize the look and feel.

I think they let you create a few for free and then you have to pay.

Hope it helps :)