Removing the end message (Typeform ad)

  • 8 September 2022
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I am planning to upgrade from free tier to Basic and I’m fine with “powered by Typeform” button showing but this ending message. Can I remove this after upgrade?



Best answer by jvh 8 September 2022, 15:25

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3 replies

I get the branding throughout the form and once the form is submitted the huge one for the free tier. 

But for basic tier I’d excpect the one at the end to be gone? Or am I missing something.



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Hi @Agon - Typeform branding can only be removed from your forms on a Plus plan or higher. Thanks for your question :)

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@Agon - that is the ‘default ending’ that shows up if you do not create an ending of your own. 

simply create an ending with the text and information you want displayed and publish your form .. that should do the trick