Send different forms to different emails on same account

  • 31 March 2023
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Hi There

I’m new to Typeform and wanted to ask if it possible to set different forms, in the same account, to submit to different emails?

… or would I have to set up individuals forms with the likes of Zapier to re-direct, which of course is big job if my client has multiple locations/centres.

Thank you for your time.

Regards Saff


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5 replies

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Hi @Safy Happy Fri-yay! If you’re asking if you can create different forms in your account and send them via different emails, that’s totally fine since all that depends on your email service provider. 

If I didn’t quite catch your question right, please send over any screenshots/videos, as that might help me understand better!

Hi Liz :)

Thanks so much for your reply. Lol I think should of been clearer. My bad.

For instance on the same Account, I create Form 1 and when submitted in goes direct to and the Form 2 when submitted to (A different email).

Or do all Forms results go to the same email?

My clients have a series of centre locations and each centre don’t want to have siv through the other centre form submissions? Am I making sense? Sorry in advance if I’m not explaining myself well. 

My clients already have different emails set for the different centres. Thank you for your help and time Liz.

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Oh, I see, @Safy ! Thanks for clarifying - I get it now. You can add in whatever emails you’d like for the self-notifications, so one form can go to Email A, the other form can go to Email B, etc etc. 

This article here can walk you through setting up email notifications. Hopefully that helps!

Thanks Liz. Great, will have a look through this, talk soon.

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Let us know how it goes, @Safy !