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Hi all, I’ve just completed my first typeform (exploring the free mode). I've created 7 questions and my understanding is I can have up to 10 and 10 responses. I’m under the limit but it won't let me publish before testing out my link. 


Any support is much appreciated :)


Jarrod G


Best answer by Hein Meijer 7 July 2022, 20:57

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Hi @Jarrod G Can you share the error message you get when trying to publish the form? Thanks!

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Hi @Jarrod G , you can test any form complete without publishing it. In create modus just click on the preview button. Right top corner.  In the free version you can have 10 responses per month. So use some for testing :)

Or do you see a small card [paid]  with some questions, in that case you implemented paid options in questions. You must remove them first.

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Thanks, @Hein Meijer !! 😁