Overlay text of only one slide didnt appear on certain smartphones

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Hi all,

I recently created a questionnaire with VideoAsk and im currently struggling with a strange problem I can’t see the cause :

For the second slide of my questionnaire, the overlay text dont appear on the smartphone of my coworker (he have a iPhone), but strangly, it appear correctly on my smartphone (I have a Samsung), and more strange, this problem only appear for this second slide, all others slide have no problem and overlay text appear correctly on his phone.

So im thinking about what can cause this problem ? And why only one slide have it and not the others ? Maybe someone have walk into the same kind of issues one day ? If so, thanks in advance !

I join you a screenshoot of the parameters of the second slide in case it can help to find the cause :





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Hi @Charlie Galle welcome to the community! 😁

Would you be happy to share the link to your videoask with me so we can do some testing? Do you know anyone else with an iPhone that is running into the same issue or is it just one co-worker?


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Hi @Charlie Galle Were you able to solve the issue? If you don’t mind sending us the URL, we’re happy to take a look, if you haven’t figured it out!