Using VideoAsk for digital identity verification

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Hi all 👋 Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

I just wanted to share another use for VideoAsk that may be useful to others.

I am a co-founder of a recruitment company and since the pandemic, digital identity verification has become commonplace.

As part of the compliance process to verify a candidate’s identity - you need to conduct a video interview to ensure that they match the copy of their photo ID.

We’ve now started using a 1 question VideoAsk to enable candidates to provide that verification in an asynchronous solo interview.

This has freed up hours per week from a compliance point of view!

Hope this helps! 🤙

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That is as an awesome use case, @Mark.T 

great idea!!



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Hey @Mark.T so great to hear from you! Thanks for sharing this 🙌

I would be interested to know if there are any more recruiters here in the Community, I know it’s becoming a popular use case for VideoAsk so this is an awesome bit of advice to use it for identity verification! 

Are you using VideoAsk in any other ways during your application process? 

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Hey @Grace ! 👋 Sorry for being MIA - I’ve been spending lots of time with my pup, renovating/selling a house and getting ready for a 2 month trip to France on Monday 😅

Besides email I per much exclusively use VideoAsk for communication now. For job seekers, time out of their day is more important spent talking to recruiters rather than me in compliance, so having asynchronous chats with people is great. It allows people to come back to me on things in their own time.

I still use Typeform for the majority of our NPS surveys, but then follow that up with a VideoAsk if they are willing to provide a video testimonial.

 Whilst I’m away I’m revamping my whole candidate engagement and onboarding processes so with let you know how it looks once finished 🤙

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Wow sounds like you’ve been a busy bee 🐝 @Mark.T with loads more to come still!

Great to hear how much you’re using VideoAsk now, I can well imagine it keeps a personal touch whilst saving a lot of time for everyone! 

Excited to see what comes next, keep us posted on your revamp and enjoy France! 🥖🥐🧀