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  • 8 February 2021
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I have tried to email you about this but haven’t got any answers.. I have had your typeform for a year now with no problem, all of a sudden half of my clients were unable to upload their images in the files.. I need to know if this was some bug that has been fixed or what because otherwise I don’t trust this again. This was a huge problem since I’m using it for “before and after” pictures for my clients.

5 replies

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Hi @Kalla Thanks for stopping by! Our support team let us know that your ticket was marked as having found a solution, but if that was an accident, feel free to reply back to the ticket! :) 

Are they receiving an error when uploading the files? Or what happens when they try? Additionally, what device and browser are they seeing the error? 

Thanks in advance. :) 

Yes I know I pushed the wrong button and went back again and pushed the right one but maybe that didn’t work 😕

But yes many of them were unable to to put pictures in the files so I ended up letting them send me on email.. After a week I must send out a typeform again and I’m so afraid this will happen again cuz I have a money price for the best pictures and that would be very sad if some pictures wouldn’t go through 😔

I don’t know what browser they are using I just know that they are using the same as before.. I have used this so much with a lot of people with no problem this was the first time so I thought maybe it had something to do with the new update 😬

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Hi @Kalla Hopefully we can get this working for you! :) Are they receiving an error message when trying to upload a file? Or what happens when they’re trying to upload the file? 

Hi, some of my clients are facing an error like this while trying to upload a file. Any idea why this could be?



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Hi @amritha_k Do you mind sharing the link to the form so I can test it? Additionally, what kind of files are they uploading?