have you fixed the missing navigation setting?

  • 10 April 2021
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Well still looking for a way to get rid of the navigation (backward and forward) buttons on the type form logo….waiting...waiting…


Oh is a thread that...oh...that was made a month ago and its still not fixed or upgraded….

Well thats no good….maybe I should just use another platform because this thing is still in beta.




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@hugt - this comes from another user.. 

do you have the new builder or are you on the classic version? if you are on the classic, then follow the link in this thread to request access to the new builder, if you have not done that yet and are still on classic. 

You also need to check to see if the plan level you purchased allows for that function. If it does,  you can find the ability to do so by clicking the gear icon in the left panel and look down the list .. in the image below you will see the toggle. 

If that does not help tonight (given that you might be on the classic version) then ask for access via the thread i linked above and folks will get you sorted. 


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That's a really helpful answer @john.desborough 👏

It was a helpful answer.

This has likely been asked but all I find is people requesting the new builder - we do have access to the new builder, including the “navigation arrow” toggle. But we also have important old forms built in classic builder, which do not have this toggle. I would like the arrows removed because it creates bad UX, making it possible to skip pages.
Any way to move those to new builder without having to set them up anew? They’re tied to Zapier Zaps so not super keen on re-building them :)

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Hi @ClaudiaAmpler. Happy Monday! :hugging:


I moved your question here where the answer is. Unfortunately there isn't an option to remove the navigation arrow if you're using the Classic Builder. But if you use the New one, then you'll be able to remove it. Hope this helps!