How to gauge interest in a program

  • 13 August 2021
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I’m creating a 2 year job training program for new graduates in the chiropractic field and would like gauge interest in by sending a survey to students and recent graduates, however, I have no idea what the most effective way to do this will be. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for ways to do this?



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@DeltaSP - this is from another user.. 


do you have a mailings list at this point of the students and recent grads? if not then you will need to find some way to get the information in front of them to find out … if you can get some way to put an email or a landing page (or an ad?) in front of then that says something like: What’s stopping you from developing a cracking (pardon the British interpretation and punny use of cracking) practice? Take this short (typeform) quiz to find out if you need or qualify for my the link here and get your unique results

if you can get that in front of your potential clients, and they click through and take the quiz (including the optin portion lol) then you have the way to do it. 

start a facebook page maybe and invite folks to join, then post information that is good for your community and then invite them to take the quiz


just thoughts.. 



Yup, I have access to a list of a few thousand students and a few thousand recent grads. 

The tough part for me is how to design the quiz. Should it be a description of the job and a single question of what do you think? or should I question each section of the program?

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@DeltaSP - what are the outcomes that you want to have happen/could happen?? start at the end points and walk backwards… with the outcome(s) defined, you can then figure out what questions you might ask someone that would lead them down the appropriate outcome path. 


Thanks for helping out. 

I think the end outcomes would be, do people find value in and have interest for applying to this program?