Numerical field allows Japanese text input?

  • 19 January 2023
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Hi! I’m new to TypeForm and I so far love the product but I have a crucial issue which might become a deal breaker for me.

When I make a numerical question, I can’t type alphabets and symbols but somehow the field accepts Japanese text input (basically all 2 byte characters like “あ”, “A” or “1”) and does not show any error.

Is this a known bug, or is there any way to make this not happen? If it is a bug, it would be quite critical to anyone using Japanese, Korean, Chinese and all other languages using 2 or 3 byte characters.


Thank you,



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10 replies

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Hi @Yuki T. In the number question, it is expected behavior that it isn’t supposed to accept anything other than a number. Though, if you’re noticing it accept other variables, do you mind sharing the form so we can give it a test? 😀

Hi Liz,


Thanks for your comment. After some more testing, it seems like the validation ignores non-ASCII characters when the field is not set as “Required”. The response is also not piped through when a non-numerical answer is input.



Hope this input helps!



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@Yuki T. Oh that’s weird - I’ve never seen this. Let me figure out who to ask about this on our side of things, as I’m not sure what kind of bug it is. 😅

@Liz Thanks for your reply - I hope it can get fixed :)

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Ok @Yuki T. I can confirm, this is a bug. I’m still asking the team who takes of this for some help with it, but if I have any updates, I’ll post them here. 😀

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Hey @yuki

Ryan here with the technical support team, thanks for raising this. 

I can confirm that I see the same behavior that you’re demonstrating on a form of my own, and have submitted a bug for our developers to investigate. 

I’ve emailed you at the email address associated with your Typeform account so that we can keep you informed! 

Hi @ryan.terry and @Liz,

Thank you! Will look forward to the update.

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Thank you @ryan.terry !!

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Hi @Yuki T. Happy little Friday! @ryan.terry might have already shared the good news, but the issue has been resolved. 

Along with fixing the original issue, they also improved the paste functionality which will allow the respondent to paste a value from the clipboard, but if it does contain a letter, it will trigger it as invalid. 

Thanks Liz!