Time condition and usability of the date function

  • 10 January 2023
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We use the date feature to check the availability of applicants. Unfortunately, a lot of people type in their date of birth.

I wish it was possible to specify that the date has to be in the future or today - without creating a logic for it. If the hint only comes after the slide, it is likely that the dropout rate of the questionnaire will increase. A small notification or error message would be cool.


In addition, typing in the numbers is very tedious and not very user-friendly, it stops the "flow" every time (on the desktop computer). I have to type in a number (day), then either click or jump to the next field (month), this is very tedious. I would prefer a wheel or a small pop-up calendar. 


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Hi @LeonieStaffConcept Thanks for stopping by the community! I’m afraid there is no way to automatically set this, as you will need to use logic jumps. 

As for the design of the date field, happy to share this feedback with the product team!