Creating Multiple Choice questions with some values preselected

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I’m creating a few surveys using the API. Some of the questions need to have preselected values based on certain parameters. I can’t seem to find a way to do this. Is this possible?


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Hi @Surveyo Thanks for popping by the community. 😀 We don’t have a pre-select feature, but I have shared this suggestion with the product team. 

Thanks @Liz. Are you aware of a workaround - perhaps of a way to achieve something similar with the existing capabilities?

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Hi @Surveyo I’m afraid not. 😥 For example, our email embed question does allow this, but it’s only with the email embed option. 

@mathio there isn’t a hacky-code kind of way to do this, right? 

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Hi @Surveyo 

If you already know some answers (passed via hidden fields), you can use logic to display the data you know and for example ask if they are still valid - see this help article.

Alternatively you could preselect an answer in the first question via URL parameter - see this advanced help article.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @Liz  and @mathio - I will check this out!!

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Let us know how it goes, @Surveyo !