Design and user experience issues - Dropdown menu & more

  • 21 March 2023
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I made a video trying to present some problems we have with the form. I hope Typeform staff can watch and hopefuly forward the message to site developers.


Right now it's quite an issue for us, really hope I mennaged to explain it .. Thank you 🙏💜



Dropdown menu problem & more



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7 replies

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Hi @Leora Thanks for stopping by and sharing this! The video was really helpful.  While we don’t have any additional options for changing the progress bar/arrows, I can share this feedback with the product team. 

It’s not possible to change the location of the area to search for dropdown options, but I would suggest possibly changing the text color of your form, as changing to a darker color may help!

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Thank you Liz! 

And could you please also refer to the 3rd topic I mentioned?





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Hi @Leora16 I’m not sure I caught a third point in the video. Do you mind sharing what the third issue is? 

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Hi thanks, it’s about the typing window located on top of the screen instead of at the middle of the screen, and than the kids miss it and scroll down instead of typing in.

I talk about it in the video right in the middle.


Thank you!!

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Ah got it, @Leora16 ! Happy to pass this feedback along to our product team. I’m afraid it’s not possible to change its location. 

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Thank you Liz :)


If they will like my idea, maybe they will change :) 


Thanks for answering

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Not a problem! Let me know if I can help answer anything else, @Leora16 .