How to pass GA4 source/medium to typeform through hidden fields

  • 3 October 2023
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I wanted to pass GA4 source/medium to typeform result section through hidden field. For that I have added source, medium and campaign as hidden field. In GA4 I can see the source and medium against the leads. Need some guidance on how to pass the same data to typeform.


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7 replies

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Hi @RMK MKadam Happy Tuesday! Have you taken a peek at our UTM tracking article yet? This should help you set this up! 

Hi, Thank you for your reply. I already setup the above for Social, Email etc

However I wanted to understand how we can pass other sources to typeform where we can’t append any UTMs such as organic and direct traffic



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Hi @RMK MKadam If you turn on the UTM variables, it should be able to pick up those sources as long as you are passing that data into the hidden fields. 

Hi, @Liz How we can pass the utm source and medium on sessions coming via Organic and Direct

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Hi @RMK MKadam If you have Google Analytics on your website/form, this should already pass this information in. Otherwise, you would need to create a code that can capture this information and input it into the hidden fields. 

Hi @Liz  Can you share some references which shows that how to pass GA4 source/medium to hidden fields(Typeform hidden field) without UTM parameters



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Hi @RMK MKadam I’m afraid you need to turn on UTM parameters (hidden fields) to pass in the information.