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  • 12 January 2023
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if I have response in multiple pages (4 pages ) how to change page , for default I have page 1 but what is query added to change to page 2 or 3 ?


thanks for advanced


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7 replies

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Hi @helloTest Thanks for stopping by the community! I’m not quite sure I understand the question. Are you trying to show multiple questions at once? 

Hi @Liz , how do i go through the community? my question is: I have an answer that contains 100 items and by default each page 25 items, how can I access the 2nd page which contains items from 26 to 50, what are the options that I add? in query of the site to go to page 2 and thank you

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@helloTest - can you show a screen shot or video of what you are seeing.. that will help us troubleshoot



I have this response

I have 7484 total items, in page 1 I have 25 items (0 to 24), how to change page to page 2 for get other 25 items( for 24 to 49)
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OH! Got it, @helloTest . Thank you - this makes much more sense now. If your typeform has more than 1000 responses, use the since/until or before/after query parameters to narrow the scope of your request and filter through the pages. 

@Li S. so there is no solution in typeform to filter according to page?

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Hi @helloTest You’ll need to use the filters above to continue going through results using the API.