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  • 22 January 2024
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Is it possible to measure the response time for each question? I know that it is possible to measure the total time of the test, but I need that more sensitive measurement.


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Typeform does not has a native timer per question as far as I know..

You could use the onQuestionChanged callback function and monitor the time per question using Javascript, but this would require some extra coding by a developper.

And if your visitor comes back to a previous question, it will also trigger the onQuestionChanged so that can become pretty complicated to track.

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@Hipolipo000 - the closest thing to approximate the time is to break your form into a number of forms ie one for each question and connect each question to the same google sheet. this would give you the timestamp when a question is submitted - you can set up a reporting tab that takes the time stamp of the preceding question and subtracts if from the time stamp of the next and get the ‘time between the responses’ … that is not a perfect solution but it has worked for several of my clients’ forms. 

there are some posts in the Community on this topic that you can search for…