Typeform - Zapier - Webflow CMS image upload issue

  • 21 December 2023
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Hi there!


I am having a small issue with my Typeform to Webflow CMS integration via Zapier.


For context, I have a form that includes an image upload. I can manage to get all the text data to be pulled into my Webflow blog CMS but I can’t get the image upload from the form to get uploaded into webflow. I’m sure there’s an easy solution to this but can someone please help me!


Thanks in advance :)



8 replies

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Hi @JoeatTangent thanks for stopping by the community! The post below may help you with the image file: 


Hey Liz! Thanks a lot for your response. I actually watched that video before - unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I select the “File Content” data but when I run a test it doesn’t upload the file to the image field in the Webflow CMS. Is there any other way around this? Does it have anything to do with the API/authentication/personal token? Just thinking out loud! Really hope we can solve this.


Thanks in advance.



Hi @Liz - not sure if you saw my above message, can you help?  Thanks!

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Hi @JoeatTangent Do you mind sending a few screenshots of how you have the zap setup? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Liz - good to hear from you. I’ve uploaded a short screen recording to YT. You can watch it here: 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @JoeatTangent Thank you!! This looks to be an issue with a hydrate feature they’ve introduced to their files in Zapier. The short version of this is that it’s a quicker way to unfurl a file, but in the case of a Typeform zap, it doesn’t actually grab the whole file. 

I believe you’ll want to reach out to their support team to see if there’s a way to turn off the hydrate feature in your account. I haven’t yet found a help center article on their website on how to do so. 😪

Thanks a lot @Liz! I’ll reach out to them today and will keep you updated on the outcome :)

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Let us know what they say, @JoeatTangent ! The hydrate bit is new to me, too. 😅