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🗞 February Typeform Product Digest ❤️

  • 25 February 2022
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🗞 February Typeform Product Digest ❤️
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In this month’s digest, we’re covering some powerful integrations and question blocks that will help you gather more data with less work. Nothing like time efficiency to continue the new year with a great start!


Instead of chit-chatting my woes of the month, let’s get right to the new features we rolled out.


Recommended questions block 


You may know what you want to ask in your form but not a clue how to ask it. Don’t worry, we have suggestions for you! The new Recommended Questions Block will give you a nudge in the right direction when choosing how to ask your questions. 



🎾 Unbounce integration

If you’re a fan of Unbounce, you’ll love this integration! With the new Typeform App in the Unbounce Smart Builder, all you have to do is integrate the two products together and choose which Typeform to embed on your page. Easy peasy! Check out more information about the integration over in this post



📧 New email embed questions

We’ve got even more options to start your Typeform in an email. Choose from any of the question types below as the first question on your form to embed. 


Check out our Help Center article here for more information on how to add your forms to emails. 


  • Email

  • Long text

  • Multiple Choice

  • Net Promoter Score®

  • Number

  • Opinion Scale

  • Phone number

  • Picture Choice

  • Rating

  • Short text

  • Statements

  • Website

  • Yes/No


🔎 Advanced Hubspot tracking

Know how to use our Embed SDK? You’ll be happy to discover that when integrating your embedded form with Hubspot, you can track even more data to send over to Hubspot. 


Read our Help Center article here for the nitty-gritty details. 


💯 NPS block

The NPS block has finally arrived! In a similar setup to the opinion question, the NPS block allows you to gather feedback from your respondents and calculate the NPS score so you don’t have to do the math. Yay for less calculations!


Check out our article here to walk you through setting up your NPS campaign. 



💡That’s all, folks! As always, let us know how these features are working for you and send any feedback our way. 





6 replies

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some nice new features @Liz - thanks for sharing the updates.. the email ‘starter question’ enhancement will be key for a lot of folks.. 



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Agreed, @john.desborough !! People have been asking for that one for a while!

Super nice!


Is it possible to add a feature to edit integrations to products such as Airtable? I really want to add in the NPS bit’s but then I have to redo an integration and it’s quite high friction. Also, if you miscategorise an airtable multi-selection/typeform multi-selection and they aren’t perfectly aligned, you have to redo to the integration from scratch.


Hope this helps.

Durthpreet from SuperCharger Ventures

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Hi @SuperCharger Ventures I definitely get that - I went through that earlier today! I know our product team is aware of this, though I don’t have any particular updates for any integration updates soon. As always, if this changes, I’ll post about it here!

Hi @Liz it it possible yet to capture initial responses from embedded email regardless of whether the survey is submitted or not? – e.g. Customer submits an NPS score from an email, but doesn’t complete the whole survey. Hope it’s on the horizon if not yet :relaxed: Thanks!

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Hi @Sandor The post below can help answer your question, and you can follow along for updates there! :grinning: