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Goodbye Inbox, hello Table!

  • 7 October 2021
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Goodbye Inbox, hello Table!
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Hey folks!


Matthias from the Product Development team here 👋


We recently announced that we will soon be saying goodbye to the Inbox view for Responses and replacing it with the Table view as the default way of viewing your responses.


Some of you have reached out with questions about the change, so we thought we'd pull back the curtain and give some insight into why we made this decision:


The Inbox view wasn't great at managing and exploring data


We received a lot of feedback from customers about their need to do more with their data.


Whilst the Inbox view was good at giving an overview of a single response, it made it difficult to quickly find the right information, compare answers, or detect patterns across multiple responses.


Our customers are collecting more responses than ever before, so we wanted a solution that would scale with their growing needs.


We could have tried to upgrade the Inbox view, but…

  • The codebase of the Inbox view was in a poor state—we got plenty of bug reports about weird behaviors that would have taken a long time to fix.
  • The interface wasn't adaptable—it was tough to imagine how the features we had in mind to improve data exploration would fit into it and we expected to hit a wall pretty soon.

We didn't want to invest time in something that would need to be discarded so quickly.

Instead, we decided to start fresh with the Table view. This approach allowed us to get rid of our ageing code whilst providing something new and more future proof at the same time 🎉

If you're thinking "but I still prefer the Inbox view!!!", you'll be happy to hear that…


The Inbox view isn't really gone


I mentioned before that the Inbox view was very good at giving an overview of a single response. For many of you, that's all you really need. We didn't want you to lose out on that experience.


So we didn't really get rid of the Inbox view, we just moved it.


You can now get a vertical overview of a single response directly from the Table view by hovering over any row and clicking on the expand icon.


From here, you can do the same things you could do in the Inbox view—navigate to other responses, delete the response, or print it. We've also started to add new features, like the option to hide questions with empty answers 🙈



We hope you enjoy the new Table view (and the other features we've got cooking). If you've got any feedback about it, or have some other requests, feel free to share them in the comments below ⬇️

9 replies

This is extremely disappointing to hear. I run my business with the inbox view and it will genuinely make my job harder to have to use a table view. Might as well switch to (free) google forms if there’s only going to be a table view. Please consider not deprecating.

This is extremely disappointing to hear. I run my business with the inbox view and it will genuinely make my job harder to have to use a table view. Might as well switch to (free) google forms if there’s only going to be a table view. Please consider not deprecating.

Completely agree, this new table makes things much much more difficult when it comes to running my business.

I hope there will be an option to choose between table and inbox. The new table layout is a very unnecessary, counter productive change. Not a fan at all. This is already proving to add precious time on to my business tasks.

Shoot…. i had started a form assuming it still did the inbox form…. the TABLE IS USELESS!!!!

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@ekehrwald @Woody167 @GBakery 
I'm very sorry to hear that this change has disrupted your workflows and really appreciate that you've spoken up about it to give us this feedback. I'd love to learn a bit more about why the Table + expanded single response view aren't working well for you compared with the Inbox view. Product development is ongoing and with more information we can try to make improvements to better suit your needs. Feel free to write back here, or if you'd prefer to talk instead of type, I'd love to give you a call to learn more. If you're interested, you can directly book a slot in my calendar by filling in this typeform.

Because we are collecting individual orders and do not need a Totals page.  We need the ability for a custom to order a cake and to print out that individual PDF.  I have already started looking for another site to create a form that will print onto a pdf for me.

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@GBakery thank you for elaborating. You can still open up a single response (displayed vertically), by clicking on the expand icon in a row (see the gif in the original post). From there you can print out the response on paper or as a PDF using the printer icon.

Does this solve the problem?

p.s. I’m trying to figure out whether people are not aware of these features or whether they don’t solve the problem well enough to decide whether we need to improve awareness or the features themselves

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Personally, this update makes my job much easier 🙌🏼🥳 The majority of my Typeform use is collecting qualitative data from market research responses, client discovery forms, quiz responses etc – all data that I want to view side by side to for a high-level analysis to see trends. 

Also, if I do need to deep dive into one particular customer I see that I can also expand and download individual responses so that covers that concern. 

Thanks for this product update 😅 @mattkentz 

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HI @GBakery @ekehrwald @Woody167 if this change is important to you I’d definitely take @mattkentz’s offer. By taking to him we’ll be able to better understand how to improve and evolve this feature. 

I encourage you to fill in his typeform. It’s not often that we have the opportunity to speak directly with the person behind the steering wheel, so this is a great chance for you to make an impact. 

Hope you can make the time to chat to him!