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⚙️ Integrations Digest #1 - 3 ways to create & build your customer email lists  💌

  • 8 February 2021
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⚙️ Integrations Digest #1 - 3 ways to create & build your customer email lists  💌
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Hi Everyone! I’m Rachel and I’m part of the product marketing team at Typeform. If you’re wondering why my photo is a dog, well, that’s my dog, Theo. He’s an honorary Typeform team member, and quite photogenic if I do say so myself. There’s a whole crew of four-legged Typeformers. Perhaps they’ll start making guest appearances here on the Community 😜. 


I was a Typeform customer before I was an employee and it’s amazing to be on the other side now—getting the opportunity to work everyday with our customers to help them get the most out of Typeform!


I’m here today to chat about creating and growing your customer email list with Typeform. Whether you’re running an e-commerce shop, starting a newsletter, or looking to grow your brand’s awareness and affinity, a typeform is a great way to engage with your audience. Plus, if you integrate your form with one of our fantastic email marketing integrations, you can seamlessly grow your email list every time someone submits their response to your form. In this article I’ll be spotlighting some email marketing solutions that Typeform integrates with: Constant Contact, ConvertKit and MailerLite.


Constant Contact


With Constant Contact, you can easily create, send, and scale email marketing campaigns and have important analytics at your fingertips. With Typeform and Constant Contact, you can grow your email lists in a fun and engaging way. 


Use Typeform to create a dynamic and conversational form. You can keep it simple and gather just the critical info like name and email, or include questions that give you a better sense of your respondent’s interest and introduce them to your business and product or service offering.


Once you’ve created your typeform, connect it to the Constant Contact integration so that those typeform responses get added to the email list(s) of your choosing. From there you can continue staying connected with your current and potential customers through Constant Contact.




You can integrate with Constant Contact from the Connect Panel within your Typeform builder or find out more about the integration here.




ConvertKit makes it easy to build, connect, and grow your audience, no matter what kind of story, side-hustle, or passion you seek to share.


With Typeform and ConvertKit, you can create a personalized typeform with videos, emojis, and picture responses and voila! as soon as the respondent hits “submit,” they’ll be subscribed to your newsletter base. Perhaps you want to segment subscribers based on certain interests? Just map question responses in a multiple choice or dropdown question to different tags that you create in ConvertKit. Or you can build a quiz in Typeform with multiple ending screens, all of which can direct to different tags. Either way, this integration automatically syncs responses to your ConvertKit account and adds them as new subscribers or updates ones that are previously listed in your account.



You can integrate with ConvertKit from the Connect Panel within your Typeform builder or find out more about the integration here.




With MailerLite you can create fully automated, customizable, and advanced email marketing campaigns.Typeform and MailerLite naturally pair well together because they’re both designed to foster lasting conversations between your business and your customers, no matter your technical abilities and coding skills. Plus, both tools are highly customizable and easily adaptable. 


Create a typeform to attract and engage new leads or customers and integrate with MailerLite to ensure that every submitted response becomes a new subscriber in the email list of your choice. You can map certain question responses to standard fields like name and email or create custom fields in MailerLite that are perfectly suited to whatever subscriber details you're looking to collect. 



You can integrate with MailerLite from the Connect Panel within your Typeform builder or find out more about the integration here.


Typeform integrates with many more email marketing solutions than the ones featured in this article, so if you’re not seeing the tool you use below, have a look at our full list of email marketing integrations here. If it’s not listed, let us know here!


Thanks for tuning in to this first edition of the Integrations Digest! I’ll be back next month with more tips & tricks on how to get the most out of Typeform by integrating your forms, surveys, and quizzes with your favorite tools. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback, questions, requests—whatever your heart desires—in the comments!


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Thanks @rachelmkalt so cool to see Typeform beefing up our native marketing integrations to make it easier for folks to manage all those succulent leads. Props to you and the partnerships team.

Big congrats to @jmarkowitz098  and the other devs on the team too. I know a lot of your sweat and tears went into building the ConverKit integration (not literally, thankfully in these Covid times) :muscle: 


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Thanks for the shout out @James! I actually worked on all of these integrations so it’s incredible seeing them pop-up in this first digest.


Thanks @rachelmkalt for explaining them probably better than I can. Also don’t let her words fool you, Rachel is in fact a dog. We have a secret marketing team made up of canines from all walks of life.

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Nice one, thanks @rachelmkalt for sharing this with us and @jmarkowitz098 for making beautiful integrations happen

You guys rock :metal:

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Thanks for sharing this, @rachelmkalt! I use ConvertKit and I found the integration with Typeform really easy to create.