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🗞 June Typeform Product Digest ☀️

  • 29 June 2022
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🗞 June Typeform Product Digest ☀️
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Summer is in full swing over here at Typeform, and I hope you’re out there enjoy the sunshine, the thunderstorms, and all the forms you’re building! Our product team has been running some beta tests this month so they can continue to roll out new features over the year. In the meantime, there are a few features we released this month that may come in handy while building your typeforms. 


Let’s dive in!


Encourage Submissions 🚅


The proof is in the pudding, as they say, or in this case, the proof is in the number of people who have submitted your form. Turn on our new Encourage Submissions feature to provide social proof to your forms. This feature will show how many respondents have completed your form in real time, helping to encourage others to follow suit.


Read more about this in our Help Center article here



Typeform in Linktree 🌳

Earlier this year, we announced an update to our Linktree integration that embedded the forms within your link. Now the feature has been officially rolled out to Typeform users. Fancy, right? Learn more about the updates and read examples on how you might use the integration with your forms in our in depth post here


Salesforce 1.14 👝


Our Salesforce integration has undergone a makeover thanks to the product team! Included in this update is the ability to: 


  • Map hidden fields and map hidden fields to picklists

  • Sync records more frequently

  • Replay of only the failed responses

  • Bulk deletion of errors

  • Support for picture choice, matrix, rating, and variables


Learn more about these updates in our Help Center article here


Depreciating IE11 Support 🌐


In the end of an era, Internet Explorer has retired, and we’ve depreciated our support for it, too. If you or your respondents attempt to open Typeform using Internet Explorer, an error will appear. 


💎 That’s all, folks! As always, let us know how these features are working for you and send any feedback our way. 

3 replies

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@Liz - thanks for all these details.. the Linktree and the ‘social proof’ items are going to really help folks.

Given the number of Salesforce users, the new integration is going to really help extend the utility of Typeform for those enterprise users. 





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That's incredible, @Liz! Thanks for sharing. I love the "encourage submission" feature! When we talk about social proof, I always remember of the Asch experiment!

P.S. RIP Internet Explorer 🙏🏼

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Oh! I hadn’t heard of this before. I’ll watch it, @Gabi Amaral !