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🚨 New feature alert! Lead Qualification

  • 28 June 2023
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🚨 New feature alert! Lead Qualification
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Happy official summertime, Typeform Community! And with summer comes, a boatful of new features. Our latest one, the Lead Qualification block, will help you  save some time so you can be out in the sun while the leads roll in.

If you work in any B2B company, you know that some leads are better than others. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out which leads to contact first, we’ve lightened the workload for you. 

With the Lead Qualification block, you can set scoring based on answers to specific questions on your form and then send customized responses according to the lead score. 



Getting started is easy! All you have to do is: 


First, add the “Lead Qualification” block to your form. 


You can do this by clicking the + button on the upper-lefthand corner of the builder. 



Next, assign scores to the relevant question answers. 


You can assign scores to some or all of the questions on your form, depending on how you have decided your lead scoring. 




Finally, create follow-up actions


Next, you can set up logic jumps or notifications based on this lead scoring. For example, you might want to send a notification once a respondent submits a response that correlates to a high lead score. 




Or, you might show a different ending based on a range of scores like this: 




The opportunities are endless! If you’re not sure where to get started with lead scoring, check out a replay of our webinar on prepping your lead qualification forms for success here


Our product team is currently experimenting with this feature, so not all accounts may have access to it. 


As always, let us know how you use this feature and any feedback/comments/etc!


8 replies

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@Liz - yay!! … repeat ad infinitum… this is going to make my July busy testing for clients… but looks to be a great addition



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Nothing like a busy summer, @john.desborough !

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Nothing like a busy summer, @john.desborough !

Hah! @Liz … i am trying to get folks to accept a more ‘all of the changes, once a quarter” approach rather than to have to update all the forms continuously when new (and good stuff!!!) releases come out.. 


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@Liz the Lead Qualification block isn’t showing up for me?



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@JimKeough 👀 let me ask the product team on this. I didn’t see anything in the feature notes about there being restrictions on plans or anything of that nature, but possible I missed something. 

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Hi again, @JimKeough So I have discovered that they’re currently experimenting with this feature so it’s been released to a random set of accounts. I asked if I could request it for community users, so if you’d like me to request this for your account, let me know! 

I’ll also update the post accordingly. 

Peter Belán 

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Hi @Peter Belán Thanks for stopping by! Do you have any questions about this feature we can answer?