How can I add multiple images in results page?

  • 17 March 2022
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Hey, peace in everything.

I can add one image in result page now, but I want to add multiple imges.

And can I add the bar graph in result page?

How can I DO?



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5 replies

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Hi @team.mindway Happy Thursday! If you’re referencing the ending screen, you can only add one image. I have seen people use products like Canva to combine multiple images into one, and then upload those into the image section. 

Another idea would be to redirect your respondents to a page on your site or a report, similar to the link below, that would provide more images and details to your own liking. 


Thanks to reply. Another Idea is nice.

How can I used Canva? I interlinked the typeform and canva, that can’t design page by page.

I clicked the share to typeform but that can export only background images.

How can I design the result page use Canva?

Oh, can I ask for Canva not here?

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@team.mindway - i think what @Liz is suggesting is to use Canva to assemble your images into a ‘collage’ of images and save that as a single image file. Then import that image into the ending page as the one image that is allowed to be presented. 



thats a shame we cant add more than 1 image. using Canva or another tool to merge multiple images is problematic when it comes to displaying the file on both desktop and mobile.

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Hi @myasz welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your feedback 😊

We can definitely pass this on to the product team, would you mind sharing a bit about how you are using Typeform so we can give some examples of how adding multiple images can be helpful?