Sending numerical answers to respondents in the form of a chart/graph

  • 27 January 2023
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How can I send numerical responses back to the respondent in a chart/graph form? 

I’m currently sending the data to google sheet...but then how to send each data down separately back to the respondent? 



Best answer by john.desborough 31 January 2023, 04:48

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7 replies

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Hi @Bomeline I’d suggest taking a peek at the post below! :) 


Thank you so much @Liz! That’s really helpful. 

My next question would be… how do I share the data with each customer (only their own data), which is no more than a row on Sheets (one typeform entry with only a few questions to answer). I see reports being sent as whole data sets. 

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I believe @john.desborough has an example of setting up something like this! 

Thank you @Liz will check it out

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@Bomeline - if you use the integration with google sheets and Document Studio, you can have each record, as it arrives, trigger the creation of a workflow in Document Studio ($99 USD for the year - not bad!) which merges the data in the row into a Google Doc or Slides template, creates a pdf and emails it out to the respondent. 


quite simple.. 



Thank you @john.desborough I checked it out and this is exactly what I need. Have a nice day!

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Let us know how it goes for you, @Bomeline ! I need some good PDF inspiration ha!