how to enter time on a form?

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How can I create a field for my customer to enter a time for the service. I dont see any time option.


Best answer by Liz 9 March 2022, 22:28

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Hi @pandazoom We don’t have a specific time field, but you could use a short text field for this. :grin:

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@Liz That’s absolutely mad!

New user here. Just setting up my first Typeform. Time is an important data field for most businesses..

Our customers need to be able to invite us to events with a date and time.

A text field opens the door to all kinds of issues. Is it AM or PM? What timezone? How to integrate that with an app that used a timefield?

Now, a human will have to review every “time” entry for the to ensure that it makes sense, and then to add the data as a timefield in our other application. Defeats the entire idea of automating the process.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Tim Bolivar , I’ll pass it along to the product team. 😀

Agreed with Thoma! It would be very useful to have a time format pre-set for questions


Totally agree, kinda surprised that a time field isn’t an option. What could be more important than time entry for scheduling/forms other than date? Cmon guys get with it

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Our product team has seen the request for this, @areenmachine @ifnotusthenwho , and as always, stay tuned here in case this is a feature they release. 

Another vote for a time field by a new user.  Very surprised by this. 

I’m in the same boat.  We’re using Typeform to capture customer feedback and we need them to be able to tell us what time they were in our store so that we can accurately associate comments with the person who helped them.

The short text field just leaves way too many variables unknown for many of the reasons Tim mentioned up above.  My solution for the time being is to use a Multiple Choice question with several options for periods of time. (9am-noon, noon-4pm, 4pm-8pm)  It’s a very imperfect solution though, especially from noon-4pm when we have a bunch of overlapping shifts.

Hoping something better can be added soon.

It’s such a deal breaker for me. 😔

I need my customers to specify start and end time of certain activities.
But I cannot do it here. Only Google Forms or Jotform.
The absence of this field is the only thing holding me from buying a subscription now.


Same here, was surprised to find out that a DateTime field does not exist yet.
Could be an option in the “date format” dropdown e.g. “DDMMYY hh”/“DDMMYY hhmm”.

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Hi @georgs yeah, that’s a great idea. I’ll share that with the product team!

I agree, this seems like a very important field to add and an easy one to add for the product team as well. Even Google Forms has this field on its free form offering.

Hi, One Year and no update on this, is there a workaround?

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Hi @abquanta I’m afraid we don’t have this feature nor a workaround, but if that changes, we’ll post any updates here in the community. 


This seems to be so simple, considering that wordpress has this for years. 

We are desparately looking for a way to ask for timeslots on typeforms, but I does not seem to be developed.

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It’s been over a year. I have been waiting for this before purchasing. It’s useless without it.

Like many others, who want to use typeform for bookings… a TIME is REQUIRED. A simple text field is not going to work well with an API.

How do you NOT have someone solving this on an urgent basis?

I understand that dealing with dates and times in coding is complex, but to ignore it all together is simply lazy.

Is there a timeline for when this feature is going to be implemented?
We are thinking about switching away from Typeform as without a date field our use case is hard to handle.

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This needs to get done. Time is an important data type in any business. It is not that hard.

Date field, you already have it.

Now that just clone that, and call it a “Date and Time” field”

Just add the following time selectors to it with “01” to “12” for the hour, and “01 to “59” for the minute, and “AM” or “PM”.

Then add the time selected in seconds to the date’s unix timestamp, and covert the total to a date output.

It’s so easy. Your company could implement this in a day if it really wanted to.

I’m genuinely shocked by this one - in the process of maybe getting a sub. But this is a deal breaker for me.

Was just making a form that replies on collecting flight information. Of course time is sort of key to this!? 🙄

Every other form software has a time feature - people have been asking for this for over a year now.

This is simple, simple stuff in the world of forms….

You already have the date field in here, and far more complex logic building.

I don’t get it!

After 1 year still not possible … 
too bad, time should be there … 

Agreed. Please make a time option question. 

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@Liz - Just adding the the chorus here. This was a thing I reasonably assumed typeform would have and I was shocked to:

  1. Find that typeform did not have this field.
  2. See this thread with apparently 2+ years of requests.

Has this been tested and found to be undesirable for some reason (e.g. lower survey completion)? I ask only because it would be nice to know where, if anywhere, this particular field type is in the process.