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I need to do this, and I can see it is now possible : I just came acros a typeform where they are doing this!

They have three text fields, including name and email, on the first question! Seen below.

Any idea how they are doing this??



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@sifu - that is simply the contact block/question. 



This feels like shouting into the void given that there are 6 pages of comments in the last 2 years where people say they want multiple questions per screen, but here is another example of that being useful.

We want to ask “What did you like about the product?” and “What didn’t you like about the product?” When they are on different pages, we find that people will answer the first question with both what they like and what they don’t like (for example, “While the interface was great, I struggled with the menus”). Then, in the second question they’ll either repeat themselves (which is a frustrating user experience) or they’ll just say “See last question.” This defeats the purpose of having this as two separate questions. It is easier to parse what people feel positively and negatively about if they are in different questions. However, since our respondents don’t know the next question is coming, they put all their free-response thoughts in the first and then don’t want to go back and edit it when they see the next question. If we could put both of these questions on the same page, the respondent would know how to organize their thoughts, and we would have a clear understanding of what people liked and didn’t like. 

I totally understand the desire to keep engagement high, but I do not like the tool telling me what I can and cannot do. I should be able to design my survey “poorly” if I so chose. It’s my survey.

Seriously, in 2 years you have not been able to implement as simple solution as one page form, I even payed for this software thinking it has single page form by default and now I see that it does not which sucks big time and I need to use for business purposes.

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Hi @AlmedinGROE We have been adding questions that do have multiple fields per page, such as the contact and address blocks. 😀 If you did see a single-page form somewhere on our website, do you mind sharing the link to where you saw that? I want to be sure we’re not misleading anyone! 

Just registered with Typeform to create a basic contact form to embed on a website and can’t get over how convoluted it seems to try and do something so simple with multiple fields on one page.


It doesn’t seem you can even edit the field labels of the contact info field or re-order them.

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Hi @FormFox It isn’t possible to edit the field labels, but I have asked the product team if we have any upcoming plans for this feature (still waiting to hear back). 


I wanted to understand how I can add multiple questions on a single page of the form. This is something that is crucial for our campaigns and I haven’t been able to add 2 - 3 questions on the same page. We have used the contact form which has multiple fields of name, contact, email, and company but what about the other questions? 

Even the contact form is not editable. What if I just want the name and not the first or last name in specific? 

Typeform is being very restrictive regarding many things, ngl.


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Hi @tringIndia I’ve added your post here where we have the answer. 

Hi @FormFox It isn’t possible to edit the field labels, but I have asked the product team if we have any upcoming plans for this feature (still waiting to hear back). 


I’d like to +1 this request. I get how this type of question can be counter to the principles inherent in Typeform’s experience, but it *really* is needed some times. 

We’d love to ask the question “who else would you like to invite to ____?” and ideally have their responses parsed in separate fields so that we could use those separate answers immediately after in a follow up in our workflow. IMO, this type of question really shouldn’t be dragged across multiple stages, or lumped into one text field as it would be today. Something like the multiple choice question, except that the user can keep clicking the Add button themselves.

Even giving us a good multiple value field would unlock a lot of options, and there are so many ways that could be done.



Hello, is is possible to have multiple questions in one slide/block?

I only found some very old answers saying it’s not possible so I was wondering if you gave the people what they wanted.

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Hi @genesis I’ve moved your post here where this discussion exists.

Wow 6 pages of comments in two years. Really only need the contact info but need to add a ‘role/title’ line and give context to the email because we want to specify they use the email they use with our product specifically. Such a simple request for survey toll!

Hi, how are you ?


The reason I am asking your help is that:

I need to bring my current typeform to the next level using the best tools and techniques possible.




  • Reduce the number of slide
  • Merge compatible slide
  • Optimize the time considerably
  • Updating the design and theme 
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Hi I’ve moved your post here where a conversation about this already exists. 

So many people want this, please let us know if this is happening, its the deciding factor as to whether I pay for a plan.



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Hi @gergemina I’ve added your post here where we have an existing discussion about this. 😀

Thanks for adding me, but you haven’t provided any info or helpful answer or indication of whats in the pipeline.  This thread feels like a graveyard for many of the same posts.  

Hi @FormFox It isn’t possible to edit the field labels, but I have asked the product team if we have any upcoming plans for this feature (still waiting to hear back). 


Are you still waiting to hear back from the product team? Its been 3 months?  

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Hi @gergemina as noted in the posts above, we don’t have any plans to add this to our roadmap. If this changes, you’ve been added to this post so you’ll be notified. 

We need to create a contact form that is placed inside the website in a specific link, and the one we are creating here in Typeform should look like this this.

We already created this contact form with all the required information, but as I said previously, we need it all the fields in one page, not a slide every new field.

For more understanding check the links


This is the one we need to replicate


This is the one we created in typeform



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Hi @fernando.saldias thanks for stopping by the community! I added your post here where we have an existing request for having more than one question per page. 

How do I create a form with mutliple questions on the same page?  I am trying to create 1 page view for my end user to do “cycle counts” which is basically a place for them to see all the available parts that we send to them and their descriptions and then an open field that needs to be a number filled.  Then at the bottom, to be able for them to click “save”.


Ideally thereafter, I want this survey to be streamed to salesforce per a unique connector of the site account name, but the key is to have the part lines ALL on 1 page rather than a list of part by part, page by page.

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Hi @Michael Mahgerefteh I’ve added your post here where we have more information on adding multiple questions per page and some suggested workarounds. 😀

Hello @Liz - can you please add me too? Thank you in advance