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I’m creating an application form for a contest, and I’d really like to restrict the file upload type so that people can only upload video files. Is there a way to do this? 


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Hi @Antonia. Welcome to the Typeform Community :hugging:


It's not possible to restrict the file upload type at the moment. As a workaround, you could add a reminder to the description of the question, reinforcing that only videos will be considered for the contest. Do you believe this would help? 

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Hi @Antonia would adding a reminder in the description work for you? :grinning:

This would be really useful! Please consider this towards a near future.


This feature is much more important than just bad UX.

We use typeform in our native mobile apps through the webview. Our apps don’t have system permissions to record video, but as typeform doesn’t allow to restrict file types, system dialog still have an option to record video. Selecting “record video” option crashes the app.

Is there a way to create an official feature request for this?



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Hi @Gleb At the moment, we don’t support typeforms embedded into apps, so I’m afraid it is possible that the forms won’t work correctly when added to an app. 

That said, I haven’t seen an issue like this with those that have attempted to add a form to their application, so it’s possible it has to do with a conflict in the code. 

However, our product team suggestion that you could avoid the app from crashing by catching the error in the app (code-wise) and display a message to your users saying that they can’t perform that action. 

Today we are using Typeform to receive requests from our clients. However, IT tells us that there is a security risk of a virus being sent to us.

I need to limit which .exe extensions cannot be sent. It's possible? Does Typeform use any antivirus system?

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Hi @Iggo We don’t currently have this feature available, but if that changes, we’ll post an update here. 😀

This is such a simple feature to implement from a tech perspective.

Please give this information to the responsible product owner.


Thank you. :-)

Hi there, 


Can someone help, we’re using typeform with an option to upload a file. We get a lot of HEIC type images and ideally we would like to block them as they’re not native to Windows format, hence it takes a while to convert them. Is there such option? 

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Hi @VN Member I’ve added your post here where we have the answer. 

Super simple and OBVIOUS option to add...

Literally just a simple text filter on the file name. 

Paying a lot of money for this, and forced to accept a .exe file as a profile picture...

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Thanks for the feedback, @xcd 😀

Hi @Liz just wanted to follow-up on the feedback here. Without filetype restrictions, it creates a very limited use case for how we can leverage the file upload tool due to security reasons. It would be great if we could follow-up on adding simple filters for filetypes for uploading. Engineering wise it should not be complicated.

Just wanted to know when this can be implemented so we can really start utilizing this feature to its full potential.

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Hi @Endeavouring Company Totally understand. I’ve reached back out to product to ask, as I haven’t heard anything about further developments on this block, but that could have changed. 

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Adding my voice to this. Please add the ability to limit file types as soon as possible.  Literally Typeform does this - just not VideoAsk for some reason. Look at how Typeform does it and copy that mode. Just allow us to set what files types are accepted via a dropdown list in the setup of the VIdeoask.  An important and neccesary detail to save hours of work for businesses that may rely on people uploading files to our site. Thanks. 

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Hey @Jeanne Dimmick I will add this to the VideoAsk feature request board, thanks as always for sharing your feedback 🙏