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Hi @Jagadesh Ram I’ve added your post here where we have some examples for timer workarounds. 

None of these are implementable, that is why I decided to post here :(

Hey @Liz  timer feature will be added to typeform anytime soon? My client wants to purchase business plan based on this

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@Jagadesh Ram I’m afraid we don’t have any plans for a timer at this moment, but if that changes, we’ll post so here. 

Hi Typeform, It's been 2 years, when will the timer/time limit for the quiz be added?

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Hi @mechaniktv Thanks for stopping by! No plans for a timer at the moment, but definitely utilize the workarounds suggested!

I would like this fuctionality to be able test logo and bespoke font legibility.

Ie. how long it takes to read and type out the word they see.



Hi all,

I was just thinking … there is a start date/time and a submit date/time for every respondent in the export. And when you want to have a Start button, you can make a form with the Start button and link it to a second form (your quiz).

So if you like, you can send it automated to Excel (Connect) and calculate the time per respondent.






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Hi this is brilliant! Thanks for sharing. 

Hi @Liz , following three-year discussion on the topic of a quiz timer or time limit, has this feature been implemented yet?

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Hi @sabrina22 It’s not currently in the works, as our team is working on some other features that have a bit higher amount of requests, but if that changes, we’ll post an update here!