Airtable & Typeform integration (multiple choice)

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I am trying to integrate a multiple form question from Typeform to a sigle select fied in airtable. I keep getting the error message bellow.


Hmm...not a perfect match

The options in your typeform question must be the same as the options in your Airtable field. If your options are orcelf, and goblin in your typeform question, you need orcelf, and goblin in the Airtable field you're matching with.


However I checked everything. The texts are exact match and my typeform is already published. What could it be? 


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For anyone still struggling with this… as I was for the last few days… think about how you created the answer options in Airtable. If you copied and pasted from a google or excel sheet into airtable to create the options, it seems some unseen characters or data makes it in, so the answers in TF won’t match. I went through and copied/pasted all answers for 128 questions from TF to AT and it worked perfectly. 

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Thanks so much for sharing that, @justjack296 !!


Two more learnings…. if there is any bolded text in any response, that will cause a mismatch between TF and AT. Also, you cannot “fix” these on the fly while still working on the connection. You need to close out of the connection, fix it, then go re-do the connection. 



And dont forget to Publish the form before connecting, otherwise changes may not be recognized in the connection tab… 

Has anyone had issue matching a multiple choice questions with logic to airtable? I’ve tested with 2 questions that are exactly the same, with corresponding simple responses in airtable - it works fine until logic is added to one of them.

Appreciate any insights


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Hi @kwabee That is definitely odd - logic shouldn’t affect that. What kind of logic are you applying to the questions?