Embeding a form using the Chat code on my WIX site is displaying on a wrong size not showing the close button.

  • 19 August 2021
  • 2 replies

I'm trying to embed the form using the Chat code on my WIX site to be display correctly but the form is being displayed on a larger scale on mobile preventing  preventing the user to close the form. I’m using the chat popover code. If anyone knows how to solve this issue I’ll appreciate it!



2 replies

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Hello @memo198! Welcome to the Typeform Community! :sunny:

I'm sorry you're having this issue! I advise you to reach out to our Support team. As we cannot check your account from the Community, they will be your best option for further help in this specific case. You can contact them using this form:wink:

In the meantime, keep us updated on the status of your issue. I hope you can solve it as soon as possible! :pray_tone2:

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Hi @memo198 Were you able to get your chat showing on the wix site? :grinning: