Formatting a custom email response based on responses / Embedding formatting in variables?

  • 24 April 2024
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Hi All,


I’m trying to create a customized response to an assessment form. I ask users to rank each of 10 statements of how much they resonate for them, and based on that I want to give specific recommendations.


Looking at other posts, I’ve figured out how I can set a custom variable with the recommendation, and default the variable to something like “good job! you don’t need any recommendations here” or something like that, but the problem I’m now running in to is --


The custom variable is just a string, and can’t contain any newlines or formatting :-(


This seems like a reasonable security feature, but it’s bumming me out. At this point I’m going to just trim down my response to the bare minimum so it doesn’t look like a big block of text, but I’d rather have perhaps a few steps or something.


Is there any way to embed formatting in these variables so when they are displayed in email or browser I can have a better experience?


Alternatively, has anybody plugged Typeform into a more robust content generator on the backend? I have some coding experience and was thinking I could, if I really wanted to, plug the typeform into a web service that takes some input and generates a richer email, but then I have to maintain that going forward… Ugh. I am not sure if I can do something like this in Zapier. 


Thanks! - James

3 replies

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Hi @jcroall Happy Wednesday! I’m actually surprised we haven’t had anyone else request this. We don’t have this feature or a workaround (since it’s not possible to add custom code to the forms), but I can share this idea with the product team. 

All that said, you could also connect the Typeform to your own email service provider, such as Mailchimp, to send custom, formatted emails too. 

Oooh, I hadn’t thought of something like MailChimp! If it can take input from the TypeForm, I’ll bet it can do something like that!

Thanks for the response - new user here, but it looks like you all have created not just a great product (this is a bit of an advanced case) and nice community too.

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Hi @jcroall Oh yeah, then definitely use Mailchimp! I think using an external tool is better for notifications in this case anyway since you might want to re-market to the user, track what they open, etc. 

And we’re happy to help answer any questions! Let us know if there’s anything else that comes to mind. 😀