Google Ads Enhanced Conversion

  • 6 February 2023
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I am trying to implement Google Ads Enhanced Conversion on Typeform. It required an email address(form data) as User-provided data through dataLayer in Tag Manager. Is there any way to get an email address(form data) on Typeform submission or any alternative way to implement Google Ads Enhanced Conversion on Typeform?


Best answer by Liz 6 February 2023, 17:52

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4 replies

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Hi @rick.harington Happy Monday! We don’t currently send submission data through our Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager integration at this time. 

Liz--it’s hard to believe (considering the privacy push), that your form will not accept a datalayer variable that can be sent to an event in GTM for Enhanced Conversions  This is crucial for people running paid search campaigns through Google Ads.  The datalayer ‘hashes’ aka encrypts the data to share between platforms in a ‘cookieless’ way for privacy (first-party data).  I was going to sign up for your forms but i cannot have a form that will not give me the ability to add custom datalayers.  Can you confirm this (i almost can’t believe it).   

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Hi @davidwclausen I can definitely share this feedback with the product team. 😀

@Liz I agree with @davidwclausen this is a key feature which should be a high priority. Accessing the provided user data via data layer in GTM is a necessary feature in 2023. Please just make this available. It doesn’t have to be an integrated one-click solution for Google Ads. People using enhanced conversions are tech-savvy so they know their way around GTM and the data layer.