Mailchimp not receiving tags on 2nd (& onwards) test with the same email?

  • 1 December 2021
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Hi Everyone,

We have a Typeform (it's part of an application process) that has 5 different options. Each option triggers a different journey in MC, which then triggers a specific email to be sent based on the option that has been selected. All our automation work perfectly. That is for the first attempt/ first time a client applies and uses the Typeform.

But, on the second attempt and onwards, the automation does not work. This is an issue for us because if an applicant is declined, they can apply again after a certain period. Or if the applicant also wants to apply to one of our other services.

 I have spoken to Mailchimp for the last two days. They have tested my journeys on MC and said that it should be working on MC, but due to a 3rd party integration, it's not working. On the second and 3rd attempts, the new tags are not being sent to MC. It seems like the issue is with Typeform.



  1. Enter Typeform.
  2. Go through Typeform and select an option, click submit.
  3. The tag from the option is sent to Mailchimp, which triggers a journey.
  4. In the journey, an email gets sent to the person.

That works perfectly. And then this.

  1. A person enters the same Typeform with the same email but a different name for testing purposes.
  2. Go through Typeform and select an option, click submit.
  3. The tag is NOT sent to Mailchimp, but the new name enters Typeform.
  4. No email is received.


It would be kind if anyone could assist. Have been working on the issue for a few days now, and this is our last hope of making it work. Feel free to ask for more information if you have a specific question.






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Hi @J_Needhelp Thanks for stopping by and sharing all this info. This is expected behavior, as our integration can add new contacts, but it can’t update existing contacts. You can read more about this here

You can use a service like Zapier or Integromat to update contact information if you think you’ll be sending forms to people that are already on your list often. 

Hopefully this helps clarify why you’re not seeing the tags appear, but if you have any other questions, let us know!