Phone number validation - a possible solution that you can use

  • 11 November 2022
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Since a lot of folks post about “losing leads because they can’t validate the phone numbers” - here’s a ‘practical research’ note for you:

I have done a little digging into two products that will help with the phone validation … one is by using the PlusThis Contact Validator tool (does email and phone numbers with a number of ESP platforms) and Byteplant Phone Validator (connect Typeform - Zapier or Make - Byteplant Phone Validator) … both seem to work fine for some client pilots. 

the Byteplant tool seems to work better overall and covers 200+ countries.. 

consider this step part of your ‘process ecosystem’ to capture the input and validate the entries … 



3 replies

As a writer for Numverify, an online API service for phone number validation, I can share how Typeform, now integrated with Zapier, offers more options for phone number validation.

By creating a Zap on Zapier, you can automate the process whenever a new entry is submitted in Typeform.


The Zap can use the OpenAI API to correctly format the phone number before passing it to Numverify for validation.

(See example OpenAI response for formatting phone number)

(Using Zapier pass the OpenAI formatted response to the Numverify API for checking)

See example Numverify API validation response which validates that the phone number is true and provides other information such as carrier.


This ensures that all phone numbers collected through Typeform are accurately formatted and verified using Numverify's service.

Using Zapier you can automate the collection of numbers collected from TypeForm to Google Sheet or another CRM system , and use the OpenAI module to format the phone numbers into desired format of your choice.

Hope this helps.



If you are interested in learning more about the Numverify API that connects into Zapier, which can be used with Typeform responses, you can read more about phone number validation using Numverify here

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Hi @Collins Analytics Thanks for sharing this and a walkthrough of how to set this up! Super helpful.