Google analytics sees multiple sessions after TF submission

  • 20 August 2021
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Hi, TF community !

I have a slider typeform triggered by a button on my website.

I have a redirect on completion to a thank you page so I can have this page visit as a Google analytics goal

However, when I check my landing pages on google analytics, I am surprised to see that this thank you page appears a s a landing page. 

This would mean that google sees a new session, and this would lead to double session counts and high bounce rate (which is not excellent for SEO)


Any comments  and suggestions ? 


Many thanks



3 replies

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Hey @Ant777! Happy to have you here! :hugging:

You'd have to pass the UTM parameters when you're redirecting your respondents to your thank you page. Also, you'd have to do that before you pass this information to the form as hidden fields. 

Can you try to do the following?

1.Pass source to the typeform:

2.Use those hidden fields in the redirect with the recall information to transfer that data to your site as UTM's

Let me know if it helps! I hope it will! :blue_heart:

Thanks Gabi, would a redirect url filled with utm prevent from a new session count on google analytics ?

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Hi @Ant777 We don’t currently have a way to transfer a session from a Typeform to a landing page, which is why you’re seeing the double count. Though, I’d suggest sharing the feedback here for the developers to see! :)