Unable to publish to do logic jumps limit

  • 26 March 2021
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I’m not able to publish a survey I made, I get this message instead.


I don’t understand. I have 3 Logic Jumps in my survey, which the plan I subscribed to - Essentials- allows.

Can someone help me? How can I contact Typeform support? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere on the website.

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@Francisco.Cordeiro - this is from a fellow user.. 

can you take a screenshot of your logic jumps in the builder? this will help us trouble shoot (both from the users like me and the Typeform Community advocats) 




Here is a screenshot.



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Here is a screenshot.



@Francisco.Cordeiro - you have more than 3 logic jumps.. each yes/no (??) question ‘direction’ is considered to be a logic jump.. so on your question 3, you already consume 2 of your logic jumps by going to the two different question paths… 



After my post, I found this article on how Logic Jumps are counted.

In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense that a Logic Jump might be counted several times if you have 2 options. I have changed my survey to eliminate the second option in each Logic Jump and now it works. It still looks like the screenshot I posted before which reinforces my opinion that Logic Jumps are not being counted correctly…


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@Francisco.Cordeiro  - glad you got it working!


@Liz @Mariana  - can either of you provide some more ‘official commentary’ on the logic jump counting, as Typeformers?? 


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Hello everyone! 


Sure thing! Logic jumps are counted for each condition you create. In the image below you can see exactly how these are counted: 




In case it's a question with 2 paths, for example, you can create only one condition to send the respondent to a different question. And leave the other fields blank because if the first condition isn't matched, then the respondent will go to the next question which doesn't require a logic jump. 


Example here:

Q1. Do you want to receive our e-mail communication? Options: Yes / No

If [no], jump to Q3 - other question not related to the e-mail 


Then, if the respondent says "Yes", s/he will be redirected to Q2:"What's your email then?" because the condition you set up in Q1 was specific for "No" answers. This way, you have 2 paths and only one logic jump.


Let me know if it's clearer!